Large Clutch

$ 32.00

These bright and colorful bags are perfect for world travelers. You can pack your toiletries in it for when you are moving around, and once you settle in for the evening you can swap your toothpaste out for your wallet and cell phone and have an adorable clutch for an evening of exploring. It has a wrist strap to keep it close to you and secure. And on the inside it has a little zipper pouch to stash your cards and passport.

 It’s a cotton and flexible, perfect for packing, but also durable. These high quality bags will take a beating and make a statement. 

Length : 13” 
Height : 6.5” 
Handler : 5.5” 

Zip : This bag has an outside zip closure. This item is handmade so it may be slightly diferent from the picture. There is a small zip closure inside of the bag.

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