Distillery Soap Bar

$ 8.00

Elderflower Liqueur: Lily of the valley, honey, and citrus come together to create the delicate scent of elderflowers. Elderflower Liqueur can be added to almost any cocktail to spruce it up, and this soap does the same to your shower! Pthalate free - 4oz 

Tequila: Scent notes of kaffir lime, ylang ylang, and cedarwood. Green and clean, just like a real shot of tequila. Contains detoxifying sea salt and green clay. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4 oz

Gin: This astringent soap is perfect for body and face. Contains notes of juniper berry, lemon, and sage with just a touch of honeysuckle. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4oz

Beer & Cigarettes: Don't let the name fool you, this is our most popular scent! Tobacco leaves, lavender buds, and oak moss dance on a base of pbr. It is amazing. Pthalate free - vegan - 4oz 

Bourbon: A classic kept classy. Vetiver, clove, and vanilla come together to pay homage to a simple but complicated taste. Naturally colored. Contains vanilla bean. Pthalate free - vegan - 4oz 

Absinthe: Spicy, sweet, mysterious, without the hallucinations from wormwood. The scent is a blend of peppermint, lemon, and anise. Take a trip to the Moulin Rouge and don't forget to bring your absinthe spoon. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4oz 

Whiskey: Scent notes of cedarwood, ginger, and clove. Warming and woodsy like a true blended whiskey. Contains a charcoal swirl. Essential fragrance - vegan - 4oz

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