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2015 Spring Street Style Trends

photo courtesy of Harpers Bazaar Street style, more so than the red carpet or any other celebrity stomping ground, is the largest indicator of whether last season's runway trends have actually taken off—or if the style set has simply gone rogue. See the top 8 ideas from Harpers Bazaar that reign on the streets of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Find Out What's Trending Now in Spring Fashion.  By Kerry Pieri

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10 Simple Rules for Flattering Your Figure

  Smart Fashion Advice That Will Never Go Out Of Style  1. Check that your bra is doing its job of lifting you up where you belong: Nipples should be exactly between your shoulders and elbows.2. Keep prints in scale to your frame. The larger the person, the larger the pattern should be. The reverse is also true. To read the rest of the list, click here. 

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BoHotanicals Blending Bar Event - Don't Miss It!

Please join us for a BoHotanical evening of essential oil blending and blend your own custom perfume, made from certified our essential oils. We will custom blend essential oils to create your personalized "wardrobe" of fragrances and will teach you the art of fresh blending and layering aromas. Our in house botanical blending bar offers you the world’s finest seeds, greens, woods, florals, fruits, roots and exotics.Choose your trademark scent that it TRULY you!Enjoy blended cocktails as you choose your favorite aromas for your signature scent. We'll be mixing up both alcoholic and non-alcoholic libations infused with essential oils in our flavored martini bar. There is no cost to attend and enjoy blended cocktails, and to learn about blending and layering essential oils....

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